Central Bank Digital Currencies

Thursday, April 8th, 2021 at 2:00pm ET

SIMBA Chain is excited to announce a new webinar, continuing our series on how blockchain technology can help build resiliency in a world of uncertainty. In this edition, we will focus on Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Joining us will be special guest and Forbes Magazine contributing writer Vipin Bharathan, a global thought leader on Central Bank Digital Currencies. Other special guests might be announced at the event.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • How CBDCs can bring greater resilience to the payment system and enhance policy agility
  • Quick review of major CBDC papers and initiatives
  • Stablecoins and CBDCs
  • A practical way forward to pilot central bank digital currencies


  • Vipin Bharathan, Forbes Contributing Writer
  • Anjon Roy, Vice President of SIMBA Chain

About Vipin Bharathan:

Vipin Bharathan is a Forbes contributor who focuses on Central Bank Digital Currencies as well as digital wallets, cryptocurrencies and broader concepts of blockchain technology and digital innovation, having written scores of well-received articles on these topics.

Vipin is the founder and chair of the Capital Markets Special Interest Group as well as the chair of the Identity Working Group in Hyperledger. He is the vice-chair of the Interoperability work stream in the Digital Currency Global Initiative, an ITU-T standards effort.

Vipin became interested in Blockchain technology and was appointed the first blockchain strategist for North America for BNP Paribas, initially creating a blockchain letter to educate and create bridges between business, legal, compliance, and technology more than 5 years ago. Vipin was involved in and contributed to the founding discussions of R3, DA, and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance; all significant blockchain consortia now.

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